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Joseph Shuldiner: Director

Joseph Shuldiner is the founder and director of the Institute of Domestic Technology, a modern home-ec university located in Altadena and Beverly Hills, CA. The Institute offers year round classes, workshops and festivals on a variety of "lost art" subjects such as jam making, pickling, fermenting, cheese making, home coffee roasting, cocktail bitters and liqueur making, bread making, bacon curing and mustard making -  just to name a few.

Trained as a Master Food Preserver by the County of Los Angeles, Shuldiner, and his faculty of staff instructors, teach detailed food safety instruction as well as opinionated recommendations on ingredient sourcing as an integral part of every class.

Shuldiner also established a weekly certified farmers' market in Altadena's bucolic Loma Alta Park. The Altadena Farmers' Market opened in 2012 incubating local startup business' as well as certifying numerous backyard farmers through the market's (Sub)Urban Farm Project.

Shuldiner is the author of Pure Vegan: 70 Recipes for Beautiful Meals and Clean Living published by Chronicle Books. Lavishly photographed and written with Shuldiner's personal, conversational style, the cookbook contains recipes that "just happen to be vegan", rarely containing meat substitutes, but rather celebrating ingredients from the plant kingdom on their own merits.

Recently, Shuldiner has formed a consulting firm with colleague Kevin West. Headspace Consulting re-envisions public spaces by populating them with creative chefs, food makers, farmers, artists and visionaries. Their current project is a reinvigoration of the 1917 historic landmark, Grand Central Market, in downtown Los Angeles.