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Cheese Making Series

Cheese Making Series

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$595 for the series. A savings of $80. 

Milkcrafting 101: July 12th, 2014, 10am ~ 3:30pm

Milkcrafting 102: August 9th, 2014, 10am ~ 3:30pm

Milkcrafting 103: September 13th, 2014, 10am ~ 3:30pm


All workshops will take place at Mariposa Creamery, on the grounds of the historic Zane Grey Estate, in Altadena. Details and directions will be sent to each participant upon registration.


Milkcrafting 101

Saturday, July 12th: 10 am ~ 3:30 pm

There are a great number of dairy products that can be made easily at home, using little more than store-bought milk and a high-quality cheesecloth. If you have only tasted the industrial versions of these incarnations of milk, you will be in for a delicious surprise. In this workshop you will learn to make yogurt, kefir, crème fraiche, paneer, fresh chevre and traditional whey ricotta. Finally, we will practice the techniques of cooking curd while making a rich crème fraiche cottage cheese. We will also discuss how to integrate these items into your cooking as basic ingredients. Materials, tasting, samples and a rustic farm lunch are included.


Milkcrafting 102

Saturday, August 9th: 10 am ~ 3:30 pm

In the second course of the series, we will learn to make and aged mold-ripened cheeses like camembert and our award-winning Mariposa Bijou. We will also make a feta that can be stored for up to 1 year in brine. , and then will end with mozzarella, which requires no ripening but a lot of stretching. We will also discuss how to serve and cook with these cheeses, and how to successfully pair them with wines. Materials, tasting, samples and a rustic farm lunch are included.


Milkcrafting 103,

Saturday, September 13th:  10 am ~ 3:30 pm

In this course, we exercise the basic backbone of cheese making using Gouda as our vehicle. Once you are familiar with the backbone’s basic steps, you will be ready to try your hand at making a variety of hard cheeses at home. Aging and natural rind development will be discussed during the make. In the afternoon, we will learn how to use a cream separator, then will make butter, and afterward enjoy the fresh buttermilk (it’s nothing like that stuff in the store called “buttermilk.”).  Materials, tasting, samples and a rustic farm lunch are included.

{About the Instructors} Steve Rudicel and Gloria Putnam have been raising goats and making cheese in Altadena since 2009. They are both graduates of the Artisan Cheese making course at the Dairy Products Technology Center, California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. Their mold-ripened goat cheese “Mariposa Bijou” won a Gold Medal at in the International Dairy Competition at the Los Angeles County Fair in 2010. Both have enjoyed professional careers as teachers: Gloria as a physics and math teacher at Diamond Bar High School, and Steve as an instructor in Cal Poly Pomona’s Interdisciplinary General Education program. Steve owns and operates The Press Restaurant in Claremont, CA and is a graduate of the LA County Master Food Preserver program.

Refund Policy: Cancellations made up to one week prior to event are eligible for a full refund less PayPal transaction fees incurred by the Institute from both purchase and refund, or event fees paid may also be applied as credit to a future class. Due to class demand, cancellations made three to seven days prior to an event will receive a fifty percent refund, or credit for the full fee may be applied to a future class. Cancellations made less than seventy two hours before an event are not eligible for refunds.