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Coffee 101: Brew Lab

Coffee 101: Brew Lab

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Sunday, August 16th, 2015; 2pm ~ 4pm

Historic Vintage Kitchen
Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills 

$95 {include ingredients, supplies & take home cold brew coffee kit} 

By popular demand, we have expanded our coffee curriculum to explore the world of grinding and brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


Iced coffee is so 5 minutes ago! Plus, hot coffee poured over stale freezer ice is gross. Assemble a reusable cold-brew coffee kit to take home and enjoy the sweet benefits of cold-water coffee brewing.


Paging Doctor Schlumbohm: In 1941 Dr. Peter Schlumbohm invented the Chemex Brewer which is still widely-used for the "pour-over" method. It's beauty and simplicity is unmatched and it produces an excellent cup of coffee. Contrary to popular belief, a handlebar mustache and tattoos are not required to operate the Chemex, and we'll prove it by making you an expert in no time flat!


We at the Institute decided it was time to upscale the White Russian. We'll deconstruct that infamous coffee liqueur we all used to sneak from our parents liqueur cabinet, then start a batch of our own using better ingredients:  Kahlua-Domestica! Last but not least, we toast your hard work with a cocktail. Cheers!


Don't worry: he'll be heavily sedated. We'll poke, prod and probe the iconic--though inadequate–machine from the perspective of a barista and discover why it would be put to better use as a lawn ornament than a coffee maker. 

{About the Instructor} A coffee drinker since the age of eight, Daniel Kent is the proprietor of Plow & Gun Coffee, a seasonal single-origin micro-roastery, and is Dean of Beverages at the Institute.

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