DIY: Up Your Cocktail Swagger

DIY: Up Your Cocktail Swagger

It’s cocktail month at the Institute and to get you in the mood, here are some ideas to get you started. We often drone on in class that “Pretty” is an ingredient. Well here it couldn’t be more applicable. Garnishes are not only pretty, they add fragrance as well as a visual trigger to flavors that are already in the cocktail.

Get a head start and try these out.

  1. Lemon Barrette: cut citrus peel into rectangle. Make 2 slits. Clip to edge of glass.
  2. Golden Beet Rosette: on a flat surface, overlap thin beet slices slightly into a long, continuous row. Starting at one end of the row, carefully roll up slices as tightly as possible without breaking the beets. Skewer with a toothpick to hold slices together.
  3. Lemon Slice: cut half-way around the pith of a lemon slice. Clip to edge of glass.
  4. Scored Orange Peel: score citrus before carving off a swath. The peel retains its oils.

Source: Tasting Table: The Art of the Cocktail Garnish


Microplane® Stainless-Steel Citrus Bar Tool

This tool makes everything from classic cocktail garnishes to aromatic zest. With its razor-sharp Microplane blades crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, you can make beautiful twists or zest with no bitter pith. Bonus Perk: it also doubles as a built-in bottle opener.

Source: Williams-Sonoma