Book cover of The New Homemade Kitchen

The New Homemade Kitchen
250 Recipes and Ideas for Reinventing the Art of Preserving, Canning, Fermenting, Dehydrating, and More

Written by Joseph Shuldiner
Photography by Ren Fuller
Illustrations by Harry Bates

Available in bookstores June 2020

The Institute of Domestic Technology Presents The New Homemade Kitchen is a collection of 250 recipes, ideas, and methods for stocking a kitchen, do-it-yourself foodcrafting projects, and cooking with homemade ingredients.

In this comprehensive resource, the Institute of Domestic Technology shares its master curriculum so that readers can make their own pantry staples—such as spice mixes, sauces, and doughs—as well as recipes starring those ingredients.

Among the many projects contained in this book, intrepid cooks can:

  • replenish their refrigerator shelves with homemade, preservative-free condiments, such as whole grain mustard, fermented ketchup, and spicy harissa;
  • dehydrate vegetables to make flavor-packed pantry powders;
  • bake delicious whole-grain bread using sourdough starter;
  • create creamy ricotta, cultured butter, and yogurt;
  • make miso paste from scratch;
  • and roast their own coffee beans for a signature brew.

With features like foodcrafting charts, historical tidbits, 100+ photos and illustrations, how-tos, equipment advice, and tips from Institute instructors, this is the essential companion for every homecook’s new homemade kitchen.

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The New Homemade Kitchen will be published by Chronicle Books in June of 2020.

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